How the UPS and FedEx Dimensional Weight Changes Will Impact YOU

Nov 11, 2014 |

Starting Jan 2015, every ground shipment from UPS and FedEx will have a dimensional weight (DIM) factor calculated. If this factor is more than the weight, you will be charged the DIM weight - this impacts every single person who ships packages or buys online. See how it impacts you by clicking on our slideshare below!

Below is a quick summary of the questions and solutions presented within the slideshare:

Why the change?

  • BEFORE the policy change - Many shippers cartons contain items that are large, but are very light in wieght.  This is more costly to ship for carriers.
  • AFTER the policy change - Shippers are able to change for specific combinations of weight and dimensional calculations.

How it works?

Who will be affected by DIM weight?  

  1. Retailers & Shippers
  2. Consumers

How do we adapt to the new change?

Dimensioning and Weighing Consultation, ROI, Cubing Benefits

Dimensional weight shipping solutions



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