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    Cubiscan 75 

    • Elkhart Products - Saving 10% per quarter with accurate dimensions on over 20,000 SKUs

    Cubiscan 100

    Cubiscan 110

    Cubiscan 125

    Cubiscan 150

    • Hardware Distributors Limited - Cubiscan 150 dimensional data provides same-day shipping on over 99% of orders and saves HDL 10% on operating costs per quarter.
    • Sugar Foods Corporation - Implementation of Cubiscan 150 leads to $40,000 in annual savings and improved root-cause analysis. 
    • Howard Miller - When it comes to dimensioning, timing is everything.
    • Deckers Outdoor Corporation - Since adopting the Cubiscan, they decreased cubing labor costs by 50% and increased shipping to over 1,000 packages per day.
    • Vickerman Company - Saves $800 a day on daily shipments with UPS® and FedEx®.

    In-Motion Systems

    • USA Fulfillment - End of Line shipping and manifesting systems, print and apply labeling systems by QMI Services® 
    • Trommer & Associates (All Systems)- Maximizes profits for clients by getting rid of bad cube data through consistent and accurate dimensioning procedures.