Cubiscan Partners with FreightPOP to Provide a Cost Saving Shipping Process

Nov 11, 2022 |

Farmington, Utah – worldwide dimensioning solutions provider, Cubiscan announced today they are partnering with innovative and award-winning TMS company, FreightPOP. The two companies provide their customers with the data and tools necessary to avoid chargebacks and efficiency loss in the logistics process.

Ecommerce popularity has led to an explosion in the number of parcels and pallets exiting distribution centers each day. This increase in shipments has resulted in many shippers receiving more dimension-related chargebacks and needing to assess their shipping processes and technology to save money. For shippers frustrated with chargebacks and freight reclassifications, the partnership between Cubiscan and FreightPOP provides the perfect combination to immediately solve these problems.

“FreightPOP is nothing short of a world-class solution and drives true value to the bottom line for every one of their customers. We are thrilled to partner with a company that desires to provide a great customer experience,” says Cubiscan’s Global Business Development Manager, Travis Peltier. He continues, “The technologies combined provide shippers with a full suite of hardware and software solutions that integrate seamlessly with current warehouse management and shipping software. Ultimately, this saves on labor, carrier chargebacks, and reclassification fees. Most shippers will see an immediate net positive impact.”


“This partnership with Cubiscan is a game changer for our mutual customers, and any shipper looking to do more with less in times of economic uncertainty. By combining a multi-modal transportation management / automation software with the leading dimensioning hardware on the market, the applications for savings and efficiency are endless,” says FreightPOP’s Head of Partnerships, Jon Freeman.


By leveraging the capabilities of FreightPOP software and Cubiscan dimensioning technology, customers can expect to quickly become more efficient, get better carrier rates up front, and avoid the compounding costs of chargebacks, unnecessary accessorial fees, and penalties, all resulting in a smooth shipping process from start to finish.



About Cubiscan


For over 30 years, Cubiscan has led the dimensioning industry. In the 1980s, it became clear that accurate dimensions and weight were essential for warehousing, distribution, right size packaging, and freight manifesting applications. By the mid-1990s, the company had established itself as an innovative supplier of static and in-motion dimensioning systems. Today, Cubiscan continues to innovate and guide their customers to the most effective solution by offering the broadest range of dimensioning scanning technology available.



About FreightPOP 


FreightPOP was born out of Horizon Technology’s frustration with their never-ending shipping problems. After years of using outdated methods to manage shipping, Horizon switched to an enterprise TMS only to find that the product still didn’t solve their company’s growing pains. Recognizing that there was no solution in the market to address their unique shipping needs, Horizon set forth with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a talented team of developers to create “The Easy TMS, Built by Shippers, for Shippers.” Just a few years down the line and FreightPOP is helping SMBs and true enterprise companies alike solve their most persistent shipping problems and improve their logistics management.


If you’re interested in seeing how FreightPOP and Cubiscan can help your operation, click here.


Cubiscan Media Contact:

Aaron Taylor, Marketing Manager

FreightPOP Media Contact:

Holly Heitmann, Marketing Manager



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