Cubiscan Partners with Paccurate to Provide Innovative Cartonization and Load Planning Solutions

Feb 02, 2023 |

Farmington, UT–Cubiscan, pioneer and innovator of dimensioning systems, announced today that the company is entering into a partnership with Paccurate. Paccurate is an AI-powered cartonization software that helps retailers, 3PLs, and carriers cut costs, protect products, and reduce waste in fulfillment and shipping operations. 

As general shipping rates and order volumes increase, shippers can look to optimized carton selection as a way to save on every parcel shipped out the door. Accurate SKU dimensional data powers cartonization software while poor dimensional data makes this process inefficient, leading to excess waste, reduced profit margins, and poor customer unboxing experiences. 

Collaboration between Cubiscan and Paccurate is exciting for the industry. By combining Cubiscan’s dimensioning technology and Paccurate’s software capabilities, retailers, 3PLs, and carriers can have a truly data-driven approach to their logistics processes and gain efficiencies across the board. 

“We’re excited to see customers take advantage of the partnership between Cubiscan product data and Paccurate cartonization. Powerful cartonization fueled by accurate SKU and parcel data is an incredible way for retailers, 3PLs, and shippers to cut down on waste and increase sustainability.” - Aaron Taylor, Cubiscan Marketing Manger

“The Paccurate team is excited about our partnership with Cubiscan.” said Paccurate CEO James Malley, “With accurate item data from Cubiscan’s state of the art dimensioning equipment, shippers are set up to maximize their savings with cartonization powered by Paccurate.”


About Cubiscan

 For over 30 years, Cubiscan has led the dimensioning industry. In the 1980s, it became clear that accurate dimensions and weight were essential for warehousing, distribution, right-size packaging, and freight manifesting applications. By the mid-1990s, the company had established itself as an innovative supplier of static and in-motion dimensioning systems. Today, Cubiscan continues to innovate and guide customers to effective product data solutions by offering the broadest range of dimension scanning technology available.

About Paccurate 

A VC-backed SaaS company, Paccurate provides several solutions that help parcel shippers reduce costs and SCOPE-3 emissions. Having pioneered the concept of “cost-aware cartonization” with an API-first packing control engine in 2018, Paccurate recently released PacSimulate, a robust shipping simulation platform that, among other things, allows shippers to identify the perfect carton mix for their DCs and stores. Paccurate’s mission is to make parcel shipping more sustainable for businesses and the planet.


Cubiscan Media Contact

Aaron Taylor, Marketing Manager

Paccurate Media Contact 

Neil Patel, Head of Marketing