3 Key Areas Where Dimensional Data Improves Warehousing

Sep 09, 2022 |

Today, online shopping accounts for 20% of all global retail sales. That growth is likely going to continue for the next decade. For the warehousing industry, these trends mean innovation isn't optional, it's critical. Futuristic technologies that used to be reserved for sci-fi movies are now dominating latest trends headlines. These solutions are incredible. However, in order to perform well, they need dimensional data. This piece will discuss three key areas where dimensional data makes a huge difference in warehouses and distribution centers.

SKU Slotting CS 325

Boxes and irregularly-shaped items can be measured with great precision using various forms of technology ranging from ultrasonic sensors to infrared technology. Using dimensioning technology enables employees to make better slotting decisions by knowing the exact dimensions and nesting capabilities of SKUs, all while creating more efficient processes.

Slotting without using a dimensioning system often takes a lot of time and brainpower. It's important not to eyeball things because doing so can lead to expensive issues such as damaged product. 


Picking Efficiency

As vertical lift systems become more commonplace, even AGVs can make mistakes without accurate data. Pick-to-light systems also cannot work as designed if dimensioning information is not correct.  AGVs can know precisely where to go for an item if it has been properly dimensioned and slotted. AGVs are capable of sorting both small items and large pallet loads depending on the type of operation. With correct dimensioning information, pick-to-light systems can increase productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce picking errors.


No More Shipping Air
Cubiscan 225 dimensioning system uses infrared light to measure unboxed SKUs for on-demand packaging and e-commerce applications.

When employees estimate what size of box to place an item in, various problems can arise. By using too large of a box, the company could pay to ship air and waste money and resources on things such as packing materials. If the parcel is not large enough, processes slow down when the item needs to be removed and repacked.

Conveyorized dimensioning systems are helpful for on-demand box making. They're capable of measuring items with high precision with auxiliary conveyors. Measuring items quickly and accurately enables employees to spend less effort selecting the correct box the first time. Companies can also reduce the hassles of managing a large box inventory.



It's an exciting time to be in the shipping and warehousing industries. Innovation happens rapidly, and new solutions and technology are fantastic. However, it's important to take things one step at a time. Before you add AGVs and other new solutions into your warehouse, make sure you have the necessary dimensioning solutions in place so your other investments can do the job they're designed to do to the best of their ability.


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