The Cubiscan 210-L: An Adaptable Dimensioner for Modern Distribution Centers

Jan 01, 2023 |

Farmington, Utah – Worldwide dimensioning solutions provider, Cubiscan, recently announced the addition of the Cubiscan 210-L to its growing automation product line.

The CS 210-L is designed to collect volumetric data on in-motion SKUs and parcels in high-throughput facilities. It is LFT certified up to 500 ft/minute and can provide actual product volume in addition to a bounding box, or “smallest cube” dimension. The Cubiscan 210-L excels at void detection and can be used at the item or parcel level. Its ability to integrate with barcode scanners, checkweighers, print and apply labelers, and sortation technology makes the CS 210-L a flexible dimensioning solution that boosts facility throughput, revenue, and efficiency.

 The Cubiscan 210-L was field tested extensively for over two years before it was brought to market. The CS 210-L comes in two standard sizes and can be custom configured for certain needs such as resolution, accuracy, and speed. This dimensioner can operate as a stationary unit or with a conveyor belt. The Cubiscan 210-L will replace the Cubiscan 210-SS and some Cubiscan 210-DS applications where speeds are <500 FPM.

 “The ability to dimension and collect volumetric data of almost any object with greater resolution than traditional technologies is a game changer in terms of flexibility and application potential.” – Sean Robinson, Integration Sales Manager

Craig Bailey, the Director of Cubiscan Integration Services (CIS), is excited to see the benefits and development this dimensioning system can bring to the industry. He said, “The versatility, high resolution, and remarkable accuracy in measuring both cube-shaped and irregular-shaped items positions the Cubiscan 210-L as the new standard for in-motion dimension capture.” He continued, “The Cubiscan 210-L is an essential tool for warehouse space management, transportation load optimization, revenue recovery, package chargeback avoidance, outbound shipping, and a host of other revenue-positive ways of managing three-dimensional real estate.”

By implementing the Cubiscan 210-L, warehouses and distribution centers will have a versatile automated solution that enhances speed without sacrificing quality of data.

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For over 30 years, Cubiscan has led the automated dimensioning industry. In the 1980s, it became clear that accurate dimensions and weight were essential for warehousing, distribution, right-size packaging, and freight-manifesting applications. By the mid-1990s, the company had established itself as an innovative supplier of static and in-motion dimensioning systems. Today, Cubiscan continues to innovate and guide its customers to effective material handling solutions by offering the broadest range of dimension-scanning technology available.


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