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Introducing the New Cubiscan 75 Pro

Sep 09, 2023 |

Farmington, Utah – Worldwide dimensioning solutions provider, Cubiscan, recently announced that a new version of its Cubiscan 75 parcel dimensioner is now available. The new model is called the Cubiscan 75-Pro. The CS 75-Pro's exterior design, user interface, and dimensioning capabilities will provide more versatility and precision for shippers. 

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Packing Green

Mar 03, 2023 |

When we think of going green, we often think of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and sustainable farming, but green sustainability extends far beyond this into every facet of the global market. A recent report by the Boston Reporting Group (BCG), claims that “the shipping industry contributes 3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions,...

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Profile Pricing: A Simpler Way

Feb 02, 2023 |

Freight Class can be complicated and confusing for new shippers working with an LTL. Freight Class, as defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA), is a way “to establish a commodity’s transportability”. In other words, it’s a classification system built to provide a standard of pricing of carrier services.

The NMFTA...

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2022 Peak Shipping Season Preparation Tips

Aug 08, 2022 |
Many people associate fall with leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice-flavored everything, and Halloween festivities. Meanwhile, shipping and warehousing professionals associate fall with peak shipping season. 51% of industry professionals expect the 2022 peak season to be worse than 2021, so preparation is key. Peak shipping season presents...

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4 Easy steps to efficient e-commerce shipping

Aug 08, 2020 |

Product, check. Filler, check. More filler, check. Box after box. Filler and more filler. Cost after cost. E-commerce has created a world where many customers know exactly what they’re looking for and purchase that product only. Then maybe a few hours or days later, they come back to the site and purchase another product—requiring another 📦. When...

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