2 Valuable Applications for a Contour Dimensioner

Jul 07, 2022 |

In our last blog, we introduced you to the Cubiscan Contour-AKL. Like all dimensioning technologies, there are best-use cases for a contour system. In the next few years, you may need more actionable data to implement new technology such as AGVs or to improve other processes within your facility. In this piece, we will discuss two useful applications for contour systems and why they could play a big role in the future of warehousing.

1. AGV Optimization


AGVs are becoming more common in industrial facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. The 2020 pandemic spurred a lot of automation to handle the massive spike in online orders. As online orders continue to increase, companies are turning to AGVs and automation to keep up. The AGV industry is expected to become a $2.74 billion market by 2023. Contour dimensioning systems are a cornerstone for operations that use AGVs because AGVs require highly accurate data to perform at optimal levels.


Using an AGV for pallet handling operations can be dangerous if the data provided to your AGVs is inaccurate. If you use AGVs to handle pallets, contour data can help ensure the AGVs operate safely. You don't want AGVs to stack or transport broken and poorly loaded pallets. Damaged pallets can fall apart while in transit to their storage area, and poorly loaded pallets won't fit into tight spaces. If an AGV doesn't have reliable data, it can't perform tasks well. Volumetric load data on tilting, leaning, overhanging, and protruding pallets is vital for AGV performance and warehouse efficiency.  


2. Quality Assurance Processes 


Understanding the quality of pallets is essential, especially when automated solutions such as AGVs are involved. Contour data can help you understand how well your upstream processes are performing before pallets reach the dimensioner or putaway phase of the workflow. The collected contour data can be compared to your predetermined load recipes to determine if something is wrong with your stretch wrapper, loader, or load planning software.


In addition to the quality assurance benefits above, a contour system also contributes to inventory management processes. With data from the Cubiscan Contour-AKL, you can perform inspections to see if a single parcel or entire layer of product is missing. As warehouses introduce more automation, particularly AGVs, contour dimensional data will become increasingly valuable.


Conclusion: Pallet Dimensioning of Tomorrow

Pallet dimensioners are incredible for capturing the standard dimensions (length, width, and height) of a pallet. However, as data becomes more integrated with the daily operations of most businesses, the need for greater data insight grows. You may not currently see the need for a contour dimensioning system, but as you think about the next 5-10 years in your business, you may find that you'll need more actionable data. As you move into the future, contour dimensional data, point-cloud data, and real-volume data will prove to be invaluable.


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