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Cubiscan 325 case study Honey Can Do



Honey Can Do is a storage and organization company whose mission is to rid the world of chaos, one room at a time, Honey Can Do provides its customers with nearly 2,000 items to help organize any room in the home.


  • Manage and track 5,310 SKU's
  • Find a way to eliminate $5,000/month chargebacks


The Cubiscan 325. It standardizes measurements, eliminating human error and manual data entry. The CS 325 uses infrared and ultrasound sensing technologies to produce accurate dimensional data.


  • 10% savings per quarter
  • $5,000/month savings due to eliminated chargebacks
  • Established an automated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


Honey Can Do International distributes home goods and organization products to brick and mortar stores as well as e-commerce customers. Honey Can Do's products help its customers live an organized life, providing nearly 2,000 items to help organize any room in the home. Honey Can Do is determined to help rid the world of chaos, one room at a time, and have fun while working towards its goal.

Located in Berkeley, IL, Honey Can Do has 160 employees in the Chicagoland area. Founded in 2008, Honey Can Do has been growing rapidly ever since. To keep up with its explosive growth, Honey Can Do is making sure its supply chain is innovative enough to meet its customers’ demands.


Cubiscan 325 Case Study Honey Can DoHoney Can Do has experienced growing pains since its beginning in 2008. It can be hard to keep your warehouse in tip-top shape with so much growth happening inside a company. Employees may not always have time to focus on the bigger picture when they are so busy with the day-to-day business of meeting shipping deadlines and keeping inventory stocked. After all, Honey Can Do has to manage 5,310 SKU’s. That is a lot of inventory to keep track of.  But, when Honey Can Do did the math, they learned that they were losing thousands of dollars every month to chargebacks. Erik Nelson, Quality Control Data Analyst at Honey Can Do, was tasked with finding a solution.


Erik tells us, “We initially brought a Cubiscan in because we had no process in place. This caused a lot of work that had to be done twice, product dimensions had to be verified by hand, and then passed along through emails, and then manually entered into our system.” Some companies don’t realize what an unplanned process can cost them. Erik found, “We were receiving monthly chargebacks exceeding $5,000 a month.” Honey Can Do knew it could save money if it organized its process.

“I was in charge of selecting the machine for the job,” says Erik, “testing it on our products, creating an SOP (standard operating procedure), training an operator, creating a process to audit every product in our warehouse, exporting the data, and then finally uploading the data into our ERP system.” Erik realized that having accurate dimensional data on his side saved his company money, time, and stress.

“Not having a machine with an SOP left a disconnect with how products should be measured. For example, the length, width, and height of a product used to be determined by whomever was doing the measurements. With the Cubiscan, we are able to set guidelines on which dimension goes with each side for every product.” With a Cubiscan, there is no guesswork, estimations, or uncertainty. All you need to do is scan a product to receive its dimensional data. When Honey Can Do receives its dimensional data, “We export our new data into an Excel file and then import it into Apprise 7.4.” Once the data is gathered, the possibilities are nearly endless. “We print the accurate product specifications onto shipping labels, and we also include the data in EDI (electronic data interchange) transmissions of ASN’s (autonomous system numbers) to customers. Lastly, we’re looking to use the Cubiscan to measure overpack boxes of unknown size and populate the dimensions into UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager,” Erik says. A Cubiscan can not only save you money in the present, it can help you plan for the future. Honey Can Do is planning to use its Cubiscan to assist in an upcoming project. “Accurate dimensions were also a prerequisite for a cartonization project that will be underway in January 2018,” Erik adds.

E-commerce has risen rapidly over the last twenty years, and distributors are constantly struggling to keep up with the demand. Erik says that his Cubiscan helps his company in multiple ways, “Besides reducing chargebacks, our Cubiscan also helps us with package selection, minimizing our freight and shipping costs, and easily transferring data to UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. We’ve also managed to eliminate the tape measure!”

Cubiscan 325 automated dimensionerA Cubiscan is simply a tool to help you succeed. A Cubiscan can gather precise dimensional data much more quickly than a human can—and is less prone to errors. Dimensional data you can trust unlocks opportunities that couldn’t have been reached before.

“Having accurate dimensional data in our ERP system will always allow us to produce labels with accurate dimensions and weights so we can be within the 5% allowed tolerance,” says Erik. Honey Can Do can now avoid $5,000 a month in chargebacks and continue to plan for the future and improve its supply chain. Erik estimates, “We save 10% per quarter with our Cubiscan 325.”


If you’re looking for the most advanced in dimensioning technology, look no further. The Cubiscan 325 is designed to measure and weigh irregularly shaped items for distribution, packaging, and warehouse fulfillment. Utilizing infrared sensing technology, the CS 325 can measure to a precise 0.05 inches. Collecting dimensional data you can depend on is quick and easy with the Cubiscan 325. 

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