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3 Reasons Your Headphones Shipped in a Trampoline-sized box—and How to Stop the Madness

Jun 06, 2017 |

“Click.” A flash illuminates the room as your wife snaps a picture.

“Smile at mommy!" she encourages as your oldest daughter rips through a layer of sky-blue, snowflake wrapping paper. It’s Christmas morning, and you’ve done it again...

“Daddy, what is it!” Your kids will NEVER guess what you got them. Yes, that box she’s unwrapping may be big...

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CubiScan Unveils New, Advanced-Dimensioning System

Jan 01, 2017 |

Quantronix, Inc. proudly introduces the CubiScan 325, an advanced dimensioning and weighing system designed to measure large, irregularly shaped items for distribution, packaging, and warehousing applications. The CubiScan 325 uses reimagined infrared light technology to measure objects with extreme precision, in one comprehensive cubing and...

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Using Cube Data to Fight Dimensional Weight Pricing

May 05, 2016 |

The new dimensional weight (Dim) pricing structure for all ground shipments is here. Is it causing havoc on your parcel shipments? About a year ago, UPS and FedEx announced that all packages will be subject to the new Dim-weight charges. This will have a significant impact on larger, light-weight, packages being shipped by ground freight.


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Leveraging the Strength of the CubiScan 125

Apr 04, 2014 |

A MultiAd CubiScan 125 Case Study

The Rise of MultiAd

MultiAd, Inc. is a full service marketing and advertising firm tasked with creating solutions for asset management, IT development, marketing and media services. Headquartered in Peoria, IL, MultiAd was founded in 1945 as a “clip-art” provider to the newspaper industry. The company has grown...

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Cubing Precision and Toughness with the CubiScan 125

Dec 12, 2013 |

Space is Money!

Today’s complex warehouse environments, measuring and weighing items in the distribution center has become more challenging than ever before.  With the advancement of highlysophisticated warehouse software systems, it is no longer good enough to just measure at the case level.  The need to measure and weigh those difficult...

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Better Dimensioning With CubiScan (Trommer & Assoc Case Study)

Aug 08, 2013 |

Introduction  Trommer & Associates is one of the country’s leading engineering and consulting solutions providers in the field of material handling. Helmed by President Steve W. Trommer and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Trommer & Associates helps companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries develop strategic long range facility...

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CubiScan Comparison Summary

Apr 04, 2013 |

If only there was a single dimensioning system that could measure anything from a diamond wedding ring to an airplane wing, plus make it affordable to everyone running a distribution center, but while we're waiting for this "super-cuber" to be concocted, we have eight CubiScan systems that are unique and customizable in their own powerful way.  


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