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Oct 10, 2014 |

CubiScan.  A common household (or warehouse-hold) name in most shipping and distribution circles.  We are fortunate to have a strong brand name in CubiScan - a name that is recognizable all over the globe.  Over the decades we have heard, and seen, our CubiScan brand mentioned in many, many different ways.  No matter how you spell, or say...

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The Power of Cubing from 30,000 ft...65 mph & 29 knots

Aug 08, 2014 |

We Invented Cubing!

Quantronix-first in Cubing- invented and perfected the CubiScan® dimensioning and weighing systems.  Our passion for cubing has led to the development of the broadest range of automated dimensioning and weighing systems.

CubiScan products are used in a wide variety of automated freight handling (air, ground, rail and ocean),...

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5 Vital Points When Choosing the Best Dimensioning and Weighing System

May 05, 2014 |

Are you still using tape measures in your facility? Are you manually collecting the cube and weight data for all your products, then inputting it into your Warehouse Management System (WMS)? One of the best ways to optimize your entire warehouse, plus maximize your shipping processes, is to collect and import the cube and weight data directly into...

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Fool-Proof Formulas for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Nov 11, 2013 |

Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Collecting and utilizing cube and weight data is vital to maximizing your distribution center investment. In today’s fast paced automated world, it doesn’t make sense to rely on outdated methods of measuring and weighing every item in your warehouse–it’s time consuming, labor intensive, costly, and error...

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Six Ways to Save Your WMS from Drowning Using Cubing Systems

Aug 08, 2013 |


Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are crucial to ensure efficiency since they control movement of materials, create storage efficiencies, and manage overall inventory procedures within the warehouse. A cubing system is a piece of advanced technology that captures accurate dimensions by scanning the item using ultrasonic, laser, camera, or...

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Better Dimensioning With CubiScan (Trommer & Assoc Case Study)

Aug 08, 2013 |

Introduction  Trommer & Associates is one of the country’s leading engineering and consulting solutions providers in the field of material handling. Helmed by President Steve W. Trommer and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Trommer & Associates helps companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries develop strategic long range facility...

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