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3 Brilliant Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse using Cubing Equipment

Jan 01, 2017 |

As a warehouse manager, your primary responsibility is to save the company money by orchestrating the most cost-efficient and effective warehousing operation known to mankind.  Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you build your warehousing process into a sustainable, competitive advantage the company can rely on to get a step up on the...

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Oct 10, 2014 |

CubiScan.  A common household (or warehouse-hold) name in most shipping and distribution circles.  We are fortunate to have a strong brand name in CubiScan - a name that is recognizable all over the globe.  Over the decades we have heard, and seen, our CubiScan brand mentioned in many, many different ways.  No matter how you spell, or say...

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Five Reasons Why You Need CubiScan to Optimize Your Warehouse.

Jun 06, 2014 |

A better bottom line. As companies strive toward the achievement of these four magic -- and often elusive words,  the objective is clear: trim expenditures while embracing opportunities for growth.  This involves taking a cold hard look at ongoing practices, identifying underperforming areas, setting new goals, and implementing strategic measures...

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5 Vital Points When Choosing the Best Dimensioning and Weighing System

May 05, 2014 |

Are you still using tape measures in your facility? Are you manually collecting the cube and weight data for all your products, then inputting it into your Warehouse Management System (WMS)? One of the best ways to optimize your entire warehouse, plus maximize your shipping processes, is to collect and import the cube and weight data directly into...

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Cubing Precision and Toughness with the CubiScan 125

Dec 12, 2013 |

Space is Money!

Today’s complex warehouse environments, measuring and weighing items in the distribution center has become more challenging than ever before.  With the advancement of highlysophisticated warehouse software systems, it is no longer good enough to just measure at the case level.  The need to measure and weigh those difficult...

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Fool-Proof Formulas for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Nov 11, 2013 |

Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Collecting and utilizing cube and weight data is vital to maximizing your distribution center investment. In today’s fast paced automated world, it doesn’t make sense to rely on outdated methods of measuring and weighing every item in your warehouse–it’s time consuming, labor intensive, costly, and error...

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